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Minor League Sets from 1958-2016

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Call or email us for sets not listed here. Some of the scarce sets are one-of-a-kind and first come first get!
Also please note that every effort has been made to make sure that the prices listed here are correct however please call our toll free number to verify the price, which is subject to change!

Mystery Package

Minor League Team Set Grab Bag - Sets 1977-2000

$50 retail for only $29.95
$100 retail for only $59.95
$250 retail for only $149.95
$500 retail for only $299.95


Lake Country Minor League now has available, for the first time ever a minor league CD date program. This program is a must for the minor league team set collector, any baseball collector, any serious baseball fan or fantasy baseball player. Because this catalog is sent to people who follow minor league baseball, this program will be offered to you specifically.
Ever wonder what baseball card set Jerrod Washburn or Fanciso Rodriguez appear in? All you do is insert the CD disk into your computer and a search will appear. Type in the player name and all the sets that he appears in will come up on the screen in chronological order. Click on any of the sets & a complete team roster will appear. You will also see minor league class, manufacturer, number of cards in the set, variations noted, if any, & other details about the set.
This program features team sets from 1958-2002, which will include high school, college, independent league and minor league teams. Beside club team sets, there are All-star and Prospect sets, update sets, variation sets, anniversary and all-time great sets. There are some baseball card sets form other countries also. When calling up a team or a player, they will appear in alphabetical and chronological order.
When collecting cards, you should attempt to get the player's first card and this handy tool will help you accomplish that. After the world series each eyar you will have an opportunity to purchase an update for your program to keep your players current. All this for just...


You will receive this fantastic program on CD disk (plus $4.50 shipping and handling... PC compatible, unless ordered with other sets N/C on postage)

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